Peace Mala @ Doves

Peace Mala Workshop and Talk with special Guest Pam Evans

(17/10/2010) The Doves Meeting on the 17th October played host to a very special guest; Pam Evans founder of Peace Mala.


Pam spoke about her inspiration to start Peace Mala, about the terrible bullying and intolerance in the wake of 9/11, which motivated her to act. As one of the Peace Mala mottos states: "The voices of intolerance are all around us - the voice of tolerance needs to be louder". Pam then spoke about the many religions and belief systems that feature in the double rainbow of the Peace Mala and how each and everyone share the same golden rule. "Treat others as you would wish them to treat you".


The youth group and members of the parish in attendance then embarked on making the Peace Malas, after a brief struggle, the attendees discovered that team work was the key and the tricky final bead was threaded onto the Mala to compete this symbol of friendship, tolerance, equality, and peace!


A huge thank you to Pam for coming to see us it was a privilege to have you. Plus a thanks to all those who came to the talk.

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