Peace Mala Accreditation

What is Peace Mala Accreditation?

There are seven key areas of action for Peace Mala Schools, Youth Groups and Community Groups. These areas fit in with the objectives and vision of Peace Mala. The seven key areas of action are: Global Citizenship/Interdependance, Global Citizenship and fostering the concept of Peace Mala, Human Rights and Anti-Prejustice, Peace Education, Celebrate Diversity, Sustainability and Respect for all Wildlife, and Spreading the Message of Peace.

How are we doing?

We completed our Peace Mala Accreditation in Spring 2011! You can download our report below and find out what we did. Our Peace Mala story doesn't end here - we will continue to foster the concepts of Peace Mala in our Youth Group and Community!

The Doves Youth Group Peace Mala Report - April 2011
Our report submitted to Pam Evans of Peace Mala to be assessed for our Peace Mala award - which we passed! We were awarded the accreditation and our Peace Mala Flag by Pam Evans and the Lord Mayor of Swansea Richard Lewis on Monday 18th April, 2011. Father Ceirion, Bishop Tom and Peace Mala Trustees were also present at the ceremony.
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.5 MB