City of Sanctuary Swansea

Swansea City of Sanctuary  City of Sanctuary is a national movement of local people, community groups, businesses and institutions united in a common wish to turn their city into a welcoming place for people seeking sanctuary from war or persecution. Swansea has offered a home to people who have lost their homes and families and we wish to celebrate the welcoming attitudes of Swansea people and organizations.


The Doves, in February 2011, hosted two speakers from the City of Sanctuary we gave a talk on the work of the City of Sanctuary plus gave us an insight into the experiances of refugees.

Menevia News March 2011 Page 4
Article about the visit of the City of Sanctuary to the Doves Youth Group in February, 2011.
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The Doves support the City of Sanctuary - Swansea!


The Youth Leaders passed a resolution of support for the City of Sanctuary - Swansea in January 2011.


Our resolution of support:

"We, the Doves Youth Group, support the initiative to make Swansea into a recognised ‘City of Sanctuary’, welcoming those fleeing violence and persecution in their own countries. We recognise the contribution of refugees and those seeking sanctuary to the City of Swansea. We are committed to taking practical steps to welcome and include them in our activities and are actively seeking ways of supporting them wherever we can. We are willing for our organisation’s name to be added to a list of supporters of City of Sanctuary. We are also willing to be contacted by the Swansea City of Sanctuary group with further ideas for how we can turn this pledge into practical action."

Date: 1st January 2011

We will display a digital copy of the City of Sanctuary Swansea Welcome window sticker on our facebook page and website.

We are looking forward to the talk that will be given to the Doves Youth Group in February and the Youth Leaders will do a write up for our website so members who missed the talk, and indeed future members can still hear the message of welcome and tolerance of the City of Sanctuary Swansea. A write up will also appear in the Parish Newsletter so all the Parish of St. David’s Priory will be informed.

We will also post this resolution of support on our website.

The Parish of Saint David’s Priory Swansea does, and has in the past welcomed refugees into our community.


We appear on the City of Sanctuary Website as a supporter of the City of Sanctuary.