Doves Annual Report 2011

2011 has been another successful year for the Doves Youth Group.  We started the year working towards Peace Mala Accreditation, and as you know in April 2011 we received the award from the Lord Mayor of Swansea. The event attracted media attention and the story was listed in the Evening Post and on the Council’s website (the front page no less). The Youth Group was very proud to be representing Catholic Youth and spreading thGospel message of Peace to the whole of the Swansea, Briton Ferry, Neath and Port Talbot Community!
We have also been holding interesting talks with various individuals in order to engage and educate (in a fun, informal manner) those youths who attend our meetings. Ranging from the first visit to Wales of Pax Christi’s national youth director, to a representative of the Red Cross teaching the Doves some life saving techniques. As part of our fair-trade activities we raised awareness in our own community, partook in a world record attempt through the Fairtrade Foundation and hosted a speaker from Fairtrade Swansea. This dedication was recognised by the Environment Centre Swansea, who ran an article about our good work in their monthly newsletter which goes out to organisations and individuals across Wales. We have also held a talk from the Biodiversity Officer from Swansea Council, held a Youth Mass for Peace, hosted a talk from a Buddhist Kelsang, and general get togethers amongst Catholic Youth. Some of our young people do not attend Catholic School, so the Youth Group has an important role in fostering Catholic ethos and we attempt to provide a program that provides an education based on key elements of Catholic Social Teaching.
All throughout 2011 we have been raising money for the Children’s Cancer Charity - the Christian Lewis Trust, - Doves Members nominated, then voted for a Charity which they wanted to support. The Charity visited the group and informed the young people of their work with children and their families living with Cancer. We have held numerous fundraising activities, from bag packing at a local Supermarket to profits from the ticket sale of our Christmas Party going to the Charity. We hope to continue to raise more for the Children's Cancer charity until a new charity is selected by the youth in mid 2012!

 We have big plans for 2012 and hope the group will grow, that established events such as Peace Month (2nd year this year), Fairtrade Fortnight and our charitable work will continue. Using the Diocesan Youth Center in Briton Ferry as a focal point, we are beginning to engage with young people from other parishes, and enable them to benefit from coming together to learn and have fun, too.





Doves get the "Green Light"

The Doves Youth Group features in July's edition of the Environment Centre Swansea's newsletter. Our fairtrade awareness raising and policy is featured in the article about us! Check it out here:

The Environment Centre Swansea Newsletter July 2011
The Doves fairtrade work features in this edition! Plus find out what other Green things are going on in and around Swansea!
TECS newsletter july 2011.pdf
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More recognition for our Fairtrade work!

During fairtrade fortnight we raised alot of awareness about fairtrade in the community, in addition to having our fairtrade policy endorsed by Fairtrade Wales. Traidcraft sent us a letter and certificate in recognition of the Traidcraft Big Brew we held for parents after a meeting. At our Big Brew we managed to raise £10 for Traidcraft - and awareness about fairtrade tea and coffee. Well done!

Bag Pack for the Christian Lewis Trust!

Many thanks to everyone who helped out on the day and thanks to Sainsbury's Swansea. So little of our time makes such a huge difference to the time others have left. We raised over £350 for the Christian Lewis Trust. We are edging ever closer to our target of £900. Keep up the good work guys!


“We cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love.” Mother Teresa of Calcutta

A visit from the Christian Lewis Trust

A big thanks to the Christian Lewis Trust for visiting us and telling us all about their work. If you would like to keep upto date with join her on Twitter:!/aneira_collins

The Doves and the Play Therapy Puppets
The Doves and the Play Therapy Puppets

World Record Breakers!

Success! The Doves helped to break a World Record! Read the full article on the Fairtrade Foundation's website here: Bunting for Justice.

Doves are first in UK to get prestigious award!

The Doves are the first UK Youth Group to receive Peace Mala Accreditation! The Doves Youth Group attended a very special ceremony hosted by the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Swansea. Pam Evans presented the Peace Mala certificate and Flag to the youth group, whilst Bishop Tom, Pam El-Hosaini (a trustee of Peace Mala), Father Ceirion and proud Doves parents looked on.

Pam Evans stated “The young Doves members have shown tremendous commitment to achieving Peace Mala accreditation in less than 6 months. Our message is: ‘Treat others as you would wish them to treat you’ and the group has focussed on this ethic throughout the accreditation process. We are now encouraging other youth groups from all over the UK to achieve this accreditation so they too can benefit from the values that the project brings to young people through the engagement in activities that promote peace and respect between all communities.”

Bishop Tom commented on the Doves “Marvellous endeavour” and that “even more is expected in future from the Doves Youth Group”, and congratulated the Doves as they had “brought together different cultures, religions and lifestyles, and promoted sharing a mutual understanding”.

The Mayor also congratulated the Doves and stated that “We as Catholics have to get out there and show we are doing the business - which is exactly what you have done.”

The City and County of Swansea featured the event on the front page of their website plus the story also featured on other Welsh News websites. The Evening Post sent a photographer and an article about us featured in April 28th Evening Post.

Doves, the Lord Mayor, Lady Mayoress, Bishop Tom and Pam Evans.
Doves, the Lord Mayor, Lady Mayoress, Bishop Tom and Pam Evans.
A huge thank you to Maureen from the British Red Cross for coming to visit the Doves Youth Group and teaching us some essential First Aid skills. The group learnt what to do in an emergency, CPR and the recovery position. First Aid can be a life saving skill and all the participants now have knowledge and the practical experience of CPR on Resusci Annie, and in pairs we put each other in the recovery position!
Father Ceirion and Resusci Annie!
Father Ceirion and Resusci Annie!

Special Guest: Kelsang Tumo the Resident Teacher at the Dharmavajra Kadampa Buddhist Centre in Swansea.

Kelsang Tumo spoke to us about Buddhism in general, then told us about her branch of Buddhism and also gave us an insight into the similarities between Christianity and Buddhism, least of all our shared golden rule that you must treat others as you wish to be treated. Kelsang Tumo very kindly answered all our questions and gave us a very personal and unique insight into Buddhism.


Many thanks to Kelsang Tumo for coming to speak to us!

Doves World Record!

World record *hopefully* fairtrade cotton bunting - designed by Doves!
World record *hopefully* fairtrade cotton bunting - designed by Doves!

As part of Fairtrade Fortnight the Doves Youth Group decorated fairtrade cotton bunting to help the Fairtrade Foundation's Guinness World Record attempt to make the longest, and fairest ever piece of bunting. The current record is 2,696 meters long - so fingers crossed for the 8th May, 2011 (World Fair Trade Day) when the Fairtrade Foundation will be hanging up all the bunting!


For details of our other Fairtrade Fortnight activities see our special fairtrade page!

City of Sanctuary event write up makes the news!

In the March 2011 edition of the Menevia News the write up for the City of Sanctuary's visit to the Doves on February 6th to give a talk about the organisation itself, to give theyouth group an insight into the experiences of refugees and asylum seekers and to challenge any preconceptions members had.
Menevia News March 2011 Edition Page 4
Article on the visit from the City of Sanctuary to the Doves and on FairTrade.
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The Doves are featured in the Menevia News again!

This time not one but two articles appear. Firstly our year report and secondly our article on the visit we had from BulliesOut has made the diocesean paper. Check it out by downloading it below.


Remember BulliesOut has lots of information on bullying, so if you want to find out more visit their website at:

Menevia News Feb 2011 Edition Page 4
The Doves are making news again, with two articles featured in the Menevia News.
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Biodiversity - the stuff of life!

Did you miss Jo's fab biodiversity talk? Never fear you can download the presentation below to enjoy at any time.


A big thank you to Jo for coming to the Doves and giving such an informative and interactive talk.

Biodiveristy - the stuff of life!
Jo's presentation from the January 9th, 2011 meeting.
Doves Youth Group Biodiversity talk 9th
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We support the City of Sanctuary - Swansea!


Our resolution of support:

"We, the Doves Youth Group, support the initiative to make Swansea into a recognised ‘City of Sanctuary’, welcoming those fleeing violence and persecution in their own countries. We recognise the contribution of refugees and those seeking sanctuary to the City of Swansea. We are committed to taking practical steps to welcome and include them in our activities and are actively seeking ways of supporting them wherever we can. We are willing for our organisation’s name to be added to a list of supporters of City of Sanctuary. We are also willing to be contacted by the Swansea City of Sanctuary group with further ideas for how we can turn this pledge into practical action."

Date: 1st January 2011

We will display a digital copy of the City of Sanctuary Swansea Welcome window sticker on our facebook page and website.

We are looking forward to the talk that will be given to the Doves Youth Group in February and the Youth Leaders will do a write up for our website so members who missed the talk, and indeed future members can still hear the message of welcome and tolerance of the City of Sanctuary Swansea. A write up will also appear in the Parish Newsletter so all the Parish of St. David’s Priory will be informed.

We will also post this resolution of support on our website.

The Parish of Saint David’s Priory Swansea does, and has in the past welcomed refugees into our community.

 We appear on the City of Sanctuary Website as a supporter of the City of Sanctuary.


The Doves make front page news!



Read all about it! Doves Youth Group makes front page (continued on page 4) news. The article detailing Pam Evans' Peace Mala visit to the Doves Youth Group - Grŵp Ieuenctid Colomennod is on the front page of this month's Menevia News. Click here, download the pdf below or pick up a copy next time you are in mass.

Menevia News January 2011 Edition Page 1
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Menevia News January 2011 Edition Page 4
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2010 Report.


This year has been a big year for the Doves Youth Group - Grwp Ieuenctid Colomennod, and we couldn't have done so well without everyone's support. We raised over £100 for the Pakistani Flood Appeal, £50 for BulliesOut, £900 for WaterAid, and over £380 for our new charity the Christian Lewis Trust. That's in excess of £1,400 in total! We've held various events including a prom, a quiz night and a car boot sale. We've had guest speakers from BulliesOut and Peace Mala. The Doves also now have a website and a Facebook page. Plus we've had a lot of fun along the way. Hopefully next year will also be just as successful - we will continue to raise money for the Christian Lewis Trust, and especially to strive towards Peace Mala Accreditation. We will host guest speakers from Swansea Biodiversity Department, the City of Sanctuary, and the Red Cross. Plus Doves will have the opportunity to attend the World Youth Day in Madrid, in August next year, the Retreat to St. Non's in Pembrokeshire, and other Diocesan Youth Events! Plenty to put in the diary already!


Once again, a VERY BIG Thank You to everyone who has helped out and made all this possible. Diolch yn fawr iawn.



What does Bill Gates, Kate Winslet, Joe Calzaghe and Aston from JLS have in common? Other than being very successful individuals they have all been bullied at some point in their lives.

On the eve of anti-bullying week the Doves Youth Group in Swansea invited Welsh charity BulliesOut to come and give a practical workshop in order to provide the members with a better understanding of bullying. BulliesOut works with individuals who have been bullied, bullies and bystanders - which is an essential approach for tackling the dreadful experience of bullying. BulliesOut offers advice, online mentors (who you can ‘talk to’ online), provides training on prevention and conducts research into bullying.

The evening commenced with a workshop which got the Doves thinking about the differences between conflict and bullying. We then moved onto discussing the 3 major forms of bullying; physical, mental and indirect bullying. The issue of cyber bullying was also raised. This form of bullying is on the increase, sadly Linda pointed out that often websites where it occurs are slow to remove offensive posts - however things are improving and BulliesOut, amongst other anti-bullying organisations continue to lobby the online community and provide help to those on the receiving end of cyber bullying.

We finished up by engaging in a hand of courage creative workshop. This involved personalising our own hands of courage by painting them. The hand symbol which promotes the courage not to accept bullying behaviour as a victim, a bystander or as a bully. If bullies understood why they bully and the consequences of their action perhaps they would have the courage to change.  The hand also acts as a reminder for everyone to offer support and friendship to all.

BulliesOut don’t just work with children and young people. They also work actively with parents and have a wealth of information available. The charity also works with educational institutions and teachers to raise awareness, promote best practice and to help professionals to tackle bullying effectively.

If you would like to find out more about BulliesOut or you feel you need support please see their website:

The Doves' Hands of Courage!
The Doves' Hands of Courage!
BulliesOut Flyer
BulliesOut's information guide on bullying. Introduces the different forms of bullying, information for bullies, and where to go for more help if you are being bullied.
3 Part Flyer BulliesOut.pdf
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BulliesOut - Information for Parent and Carers
Bullies Out - Parents Info Brochure R6.p
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Talk with BulliesOut 14th November 2010, 7 -9pm.

The Doves will be hosting speakers from BulliesOut. Everyone is welcome. Check out the Events page for more details!

Doves hosted a special talk with Pam Evans.

(17/10/10) The St. David's Youth Group was pleased to be able to host a talk with Pam Evans the creator of Peace Mala. For more details on the talk see our Doves@PeaceMala page, for more details on Peace Mala see our Peace Mala page. The Doves are currently working towards Peace Mala Youth Group Accreditation. More details will appear shortly as we progress.

Charity Car Bootsale Success.

(09/10/10) The boot sale kicked off fundraising for the new Doves Charity the Christian Lewis Trust. A huge thanks goes to everyone in the Parish who donated things and to our new friends at Our Lady of Lourdes who also donated items. After a very busy Friday night pricing some of the Doves (and parents) were all set for the very, very early wake up call. Alarms were set for 4.50am! The sale went fantastically well and it was nice to see some familiar faces. In total we raised a staggering £265.

Well, well, well!

(10/10/10) As you know, the Doves youth group have been fundraising for WaterAid.  After raising the initial target from one well to three, fund raising continued with vigour, and we are very pleased to announce that this target has been achieved!!  With your help, enough money has been raised to purchase three wells for communities that currently have no clean water, this is  a huge achievement, and could not have been done without YOU!  Thank you to everyone who gave their support.

New Doves Charity.

(03/10/10) The Youth Group members nominated several local charities at the previous Doves Meeting, and tonight was ballot night! After the votes were cast and counted the new charity the Doves will be raising money for is the Christian Lewis Trust - the Children's Cancer Charity. The Charity offers support for children and their families affected by cancer.

Doves Charity Community Quiz Night.

(14/08/10) On Quiz night we had 6 teams epically battling it out over 8 rounds of puzzling questions. The charity quiz included a picture round, questions about geography, sport, entertainment, random knowledge and two particularly bamboozling rounds of cryptic clues for films and TV program titles. The overall team scores were close but only two teams made it to the tie break round which challenged the team’s historical knowledge and mathematical skills, in order to find who was going to be crowned the Doves Charity Quiz Team Champions 2010! In the end 'The Incredibles' narrowly beat 'Twist, Body and Perk' to the coveted prizes. Whilst the Kewl Doodz scooped the unique last place prizes. Well done to all, and a big thank you to all those who helped out and supported the event by donating prizes, making tickets, bringing food, writing questions and of course, participating in the quiz! The night was a huge success and raised over £100 for the  Pakistan Flood Appeal.

Summer Sweetness Jam and Cake Sale.

(11/08/10) A huge thanks to Mike and Daphne, who made most of the delicious Jam. Plus, there was some yummy yummy gooey home-made toffee by James' mum - thank you too. The sale went exceptionally well and raised alot of money.


(15/07/10) A huge thank you to the City and County of Swansea Lord Mayor Richard Lewis and the Lady Mayoress Angela Lewis for generously inviting the Doves to the glitzy Mansion House for the DovesProm on Tuesday evening.

The Doves, dressed up in a glamorous array of frocks, tuxedos and suit’s had a wonderful evening at the fabulous social event! After a spectacular reception, the Doves proceeded to the dining room for a delicious curry feast, before heading into another room for a disco, where they danced the night away (after a lengthy warm up). 

Cake Sale Success!

(27/06/10) A huge thank you to all the members of the parish who came and supported us, and those kindly donated delicious cakes for us to sell for our continued WaterAid fundraising. Plus a massive thanks to all those who after mass last week came over to the hall and enjoyed some fabulous cakes with us. We managed to raise over £100 from the cake sale for WaterAid - the current charity the Doves are fundraising.